Umap Call & Nav

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Umap Call & Nav

Umap Call & Nav is a Call Center support system for dispatching calls based on vehicle location using a navigator. It is a valuable tool for servicing Taxi, Courier, Distribution, Collection, Sales, Security, Logistics and Road Assistance companies.

The system has been developed by Talent Information Systems S.A. and uses map data by Innovtive CitisShop (NaviGreece). It utilizes state-of-the-art geographic information systems (Talent Cruiser) and navigation (Sygic) technologies.


  • The center operator continuously supervises the movement of the vehicles on an interactive high resolution map of the entire country.
  • The moving vehicles are supplied with navigation devices which use maps identical to those of the center and are permanently connected to the reception center through a GPRS network.
  • The operator has at his disposal a table with all calls that are being serviced, categorized by color based on their status. For each incoming call, he locates on the map the start and destination point. Then, he can search for the nearest available vehicle and assign servicing the call to it. The system suggests the optimal priority, based on a series of criteria.
  • The vehicle driver is notified about an assignment on his navigator screen and then an exchange of messages with the center takes place, regarding the progress of the assignment, until the call has been completely serviced.


At the Center
  • Call management and route assignment based on vehicle location in real time
  • Very fast response and automated communication between the center and the vehicles for call assignment
  • Immediate identification of any start-destination address throughout the country
  • Continuous monitoring and recording of the movement of the fleet of vehicles
  • Monitoring of the progress of the calls with automatic flagging of their status
  • Ability to specify shift times, so that only the vehicles of the current shift may be used each time
  • Ability to specify vehicle jurisdiction areas
  • Creation and management of customer data, driver and vehicle Database
  • Recording of a complete route history
  • Creation of driver, route and customer reports
  • Minimization of the use of the mobile telephony network using intelligent data encoding and compression
  • Support for an unlimited number of vehicles
  • Automatic customer notification about the expected time of arrival and notification about the arrival of the vehicle
At the Vehicle
  • Continuous two-way communication with the center for new call updates
  • Use via portable PDA using very simple operations on a touch screen
  • Navigation towards receipt and destination points using voice directions
  • Ready to use, without requiring installation


For the end customers
  • Immediacy and innovation in service, avoidance of errors, and increase of customer satisfaction rate
  • Security and route certification for the riders of the vehicles
  • Ability to offer to the customer an estimated cost through direct calculation of distances
For the Call Center
  • Reduction of the requirement for specialized personnel, i.e., reduction of operating costs
  • Ability to dispatch geographically remote calls to one point
  • Minimization of conversations, saving time, and dispatching more calls
  • Fair distribution of call assignments to vehicles, based on distance from customer and availability
  • Recording of movement history, report creation, and statistics
  • For the Vehicles
  • Regarding Taxi fleets, elimination of the control mechanisms that exist today for the correct claiming of calls
  • Saving on movement and fuel, with the computation of optimal routes
  • Driver safety, using an SOS button