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GPS Navigation Sofware for iPone & Android

Today more than one million users use CitisNAV in their daily commute.

CitisNAV transforms your smartphone into a powerful turn-by-turn navigation device. Compatible with multiple mobile platforms and screen sizes, CitisNAV offers the newest maps(*) from the professional cartographers NAVTEQ & Innovative CitisShop. Maps are fully stored directly on your device allowing the application to navigate accurately without internet Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G connections. With connectivity, CitisNAV offers users to access a vast amount of innovative features.

CitisNAV’s market leading navigation application debuts its newly-fashioned app which includes:

  • Cutting-edge graphics
  • Professionally re-designed user interface
  • Substantially improved routing algorithms
  • Advanced search engine enhanced with Google functionality

Seamlessly fluid navigation CitisNAV’s most innovative aspects include:

  • Real time traffic (Coming Soon!)
  • Nearby Offers (Coupons)
  • Facebook and Foursquare integration
  • Streaming weather

CitisNAV’s in-app Store.
CitisNAV’s respected and trusted key features include:

  • Radar and Speed Limit Notifications
  • 3D Rendered Buildings
  • NAVTEQ POIs Enhanced with Google Search Functions
  • Lane Assistance
  • Adventure Mode

35 supported languages, written and spoken include: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, etc.
(*) CitisNAV’s maps of Greece and Cyprus are provided by Innovtive CitisShop and rest of Full Europe maps are provided by NAVTEQ.