We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.

Field of Experties

Innovative CitisShop develops software, mobile applications, enterprise-level, industry-specific software solutions and offers high value professional services and products contributing measurable improvements to our customers operations. Highly experienced developers, business analysts and consultants build our solutions, sharing our culture for efficiency, creativity and innovation. They deploy the latest automated processes in the design, documentation, development, testing and configuration management of our product releases, as well as in planning and monitoring every project and service we offer.

We continuously invest in further development and new enhancements to stay ahead of our customer’s needs, integrating into our solutions business know how and technical trends required to provide a true value proposition. Strategic business and technical alliances allow us to incorporate expertise and differentiate our solutions.

Leading corporations in Greece and Europe rely on our solutions and services, which are always delivered on time, within budget and to the highest quality.

Our core engineering software activities include:

  1. Embedded Software Programming. We offer a broad range of software services relating to embedded systems programming and real time embedded software development, including system level design and development.
  2. PC Software Development. Our capability in PC software development includes a broad range of software applications, such as Microsoft .NET, VC++, VB, VB.net, C#, Borland C++ Builder, data acquisition & analysis, advanced control design, vision & inspection systems, measurement and data logging systems, sound and vibration instrumentation, pattern recognition, machine learning, image processing, optical character recognition.
  3. Automation Services & Integration. We design and build new control systems for industry utilizing the most advanced technology available today. Our bunch of services in the field of Automation includes: custom machine control, electrical control design, robotic systems, PLC/SCADA programming, operator interface and communications protocols, pneumatic and hydraulic controls.
  4. Computerized Engineering Services. We offer a number of engineering solutions to enhance productivity for the manufacturing industry, including: engineering Process improvement, mathematical modeling and simulation, engineering data processing and analysis, applications reengineering, CAD data translators, productivity improvement tools. Web Based Applications. The core software design and development services provided by IKH include, development of enterprise application, web portals, e-Commerce Solutions, Content Management Systems (CMS) and e-Government platforms.

Furthermore Innovative CitisShop is the leading company in the digital maps and global positioning systems markets in South East Europe and Cyprus.

The company specializes in Geo-informatics and new technologies and is active in the following business segments:

  1. Supply of geographical digital databases license keys for GPS operating systems. Innovative CitisShop possesses the most complete and qualitative data for 7 countries including Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Fyrom, Greece, Romania and Turkey. These products are applicable for world famous navigation companies such as Sygic, NavNGo and NDrive.
  2. Development of integrated Geo-marketing software that has to do with geo-positioning of various activities and market analysis. It is suitable for companies that offer ERP and CRM solutions.
  3. Web software and specialized Web GIS development. This type of software addresses to companies that wish to maintain a dynamic internet presence and advertise their products and services. The specialized Web GIS solutions are suitable for business clients that have sites or portals and wish the implementation of an online map in their websites.
  4. Development of tracking and fleet management software. The service is available for usage from companies that work in the markets of professional and passenger vehicles as well as companies and offer ERP and CRM solutions.
  5. Production and distribution of electronic, printed and tourist guides. These products are suitable for department stores, bookstores and gas stations.
  6. Mapmaking services. Innovative CitisShop has specialized and suitably trained personnel that use up-to-date technology in order to create and produce geographical data for the whole country, not only for the roads and the points of interest but for anything else is contained in a digital map.
  7. Services of GIS operations outsourcing, technical consultant in GIS development projects and development of custom software in any commercial GIS environment.