We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.

About Us

Innovative CitisShop is a software and IT professional services provider with over six years of experience meeting the highly specific needs of large corporations. Established in 2008 and with self owned offices in Metamorfisis, Athens, Innovative CitisShop products and services leading institutions, IT companies and industrial corporations in Greece.

We are dedicated in designing, implementing and supporting large-scale, mission-critical line-of-business IT projects and specialized Software Solutions.

Our company is owned and managed by its founding entrepreneurs, leading a talented and dynamic team of 17 people with in-depth knowledge on Geo Informatics Technologies.

The company is highly cost and capital efficient.

The philosophy

The company recognizes the needs of its customers not as problems but as special challenges. Given this concept, a series of different approaches and technologies are used in order to cover the various, specific needs of the company┬┤s customers in terms of credential, powerful and upgradable systems and infrastructure for any type of business application. The most valuable asset the company possesses is the people for it. From the very first moment of its operation, Innovative CitisShop hired highly educated, experienced and passionate people. The vast majority of the company┬┤s staff and partners is composed of University graduates with MAs. Our partners cover a wide science spectrum (Electronic Mechanics, Economists, Regional Development Experts, Environmentalists, Foresters, Agriculturists) in or the company to be able to cover the specialized needs of its customers.

The production process

Innovative CitisShop implements and maintains three different ISO certifications that apply to the whole range of its activities, while guaranteeing the continuous quality and reliability of all its products and services.

The vision

Innovative CitisShop has set as its primary goal to offer continuously innovative services and products based mainly but not only on Geo Informatics and IT in general. Our vision is to become synonym of pioneering and innovation in the European technology market. Our company has already expanded to South East Europe, launching after extensive field survey digital databases and local contents for Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Fyrom, Greece, Romania and Turkey. Our experienced teams utilize the latest automated processes in the design, development, testing and configuration management of our product releases, as well as in the planning and monitoring of every project and service we offer.
Bottom line: Innovative CitisShop aims to be your trusted and reliable partner.